Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions, you can control one by one,

if you still can't solve your problems,

you can contact after-sales service

  • 1.

    Can't open side drain outlet

    Tighten outlet mainly in case it's broken during delivery. Contrarotate the outlet via tools.
  • 2.

    No steam

    1. It's hard to steam if the tube is curly or shrivelled. 2. Maybe brush head or nozzle is blocked. 3.Take off wanter tank, and add water into sink,start working. If there is still no steam, then the machine is broken during delivery.
  • 3.

    A small amount of steam, unstable steam state

    Unstable steam will occurs when the machine is buffering. But if it still happens during whole operation, then take actions. How to solve: Take off water tank, then start working to no more steam out. Power off and restore water tank after machine cooled. Restart machine.
  • 4.


    1.It does not go to working state, just at the preheating period. Please steaming after stable steam. 2. The brush or nozzle is too slanted or upside down.(Some steam will condense to water when passing through the tube.) So, try to keep brush and nozzle upright, don't hold it tilted over 30°for too long.
  • 5.


    1.Ensure good installation. 2. Unfluent steam passage made by curly tube leads to strong hot air pressure, then occurs overflow. 3. Adding too much water, better lower than water mark line. 4.The ground is uneven.
  • 6.

    Machine is broken and can't work when received.

    Damaged when delivery; Ensure correct installation and operation.
  • 7.

    Some dripping or water remains in the nozzle.

    Shake the nozzle before use.These drippings remained after the factory acceptance test.Normal situation.
  • 8.

    Some water come out when steaming.

    1. Some air in a new machine, will be resistance when steaming and unfluent steam passage curled by package or usage result in spraying water.2. As for inadequate preheating when it works, some residual condensed water will spray out with steam.
  • 9.


    Noise happens to two parts. One is in the heater where water is boiled. Another is in the airway tube where steam runs into condensed water. Both are normal cases and Don't worry about these. Besides, the higher the tube is, the slighter the noise is. The curlier the tube is,the louder the noise is.
  • 10.

    Strong plastic smell when in use.

    Our products are made from brand new,ABS material which is unharmful for humans, passed the EU environmental directives Rohs.But a bew steamer will be a bit plastic smell. Keep the machine working a few minutes in a vent before steaming clothes. That helps reduce plastic smell.
  • 11.

    There is some water marks or a bit rust in the water tank and rabbet.

    Every steamer will have a factory acceptance test with water to ensure it can work, so there is a little water marks. And the metal parts in the rabbet may be oxidized after a test with water.We are sorry for the inconvenience brought to you, and hope you understand what we did is responsible for our customers.
  • 12.

    Telescopic pole is not very steady, a little shaky after installation.

    1. Check rotary switch to see well-fixed or not;2. Keep a bit apppropriate angle for sway, in view of preventing the machine from being pulled down.

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